5 Ways to Keep Your Roof in Great Condition

Even though your roof is designed to hold up against rain, snow, heat and pests, it can still become vulnerable with enough exposure and lack of care. That’s why a little annual maintenance can go a long way for keeping your roof in good condition. Here are some tips to remember when it comes to maintaining the roof year-round so you can get the most out of its lifespan.

Take Care of the Gutters

If the gutters are neglected and in rough condition, it can make your roof much more vulnerable to damage. When they get clogged with muck, leaves and other debris, they won’t be able to channel water away from the roof. This can let the water seep in underneath, eventually impacting the fascia and creating holes that can escalate damage. Keeping them clean and clear on a regular basis is one of the most basic and important steps to protect the roof.

Address Damage Right Away

If you notice any damage along the roof, even if it’s potential damage that you’re unsure of, don’t ignore it. If you see any missing shingles or pieces in the gutters while cleaning them, we recommend replacing them as soon as possible to prevent any moisture from permeating through the roof structure. If you’re unsure, call in a roofing expert to have a look.

Keep the Roof Clean

With enough exposure to wet, messy weather, mildew, moss and algae can easily form along the roof’s surface over the course of a year. Though they may seem harmless at a glance, they can lead to serious moisture damage since they absorb and hold water. We recommend power washing the roof with bleach once per year or hiring someone to do it for you.

Keep Nearby Trees Trimmed

All it takes is one bad storm to send an overhanging branch onto your roof. Aside from threatening the structure and safety of the roof, overhanging branches can also invite pests to nest during the winter. To avoid this, keep any nearby branches trimmed back away from your property.

Have Your Roof Inspected During the Fall and Spring

Preventative maintenance key to getting the most out of your roof and extending the lifespan of it as long as possible. To minimize potential damage and repairs, get the roof inspected twice each year, ideally during the spring and fall. These seasons are ideal because it gives the roof a good look over after the harsh winter season when most damage occurs and prior to so it can be prepared to take on the weather again. A roofing expert will inspect the flashing, shingles and surface and look for any signs of pests, rot or leaks underneath. 

When your roof needs maintenance, inspection or repairs in Ottawa, contact our team at Roofmaster for service you can count on.