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If you need your roof inspected by a professional, don’t struggle in narrowing down the list of potential hires. Roofmaster is proud to carry out inspections that look at all the critical details. As a family-run business, we believe in transparent and friendly service. That’s what has made us a popular choice for residential and commercial clients since 1981.

We Cover All the Angles

Our team is expertly trained to deliver the accurate, detail-focused results you need to determine your roof’s condition with confidence. From approximate age to design flaws, weak spots, damage and other areas, we cover all possible issues. By educating our employees about new materials and technologies, we stay on top of industry trends. You can count on us even if you have a newer home with the latest roofing features. Whether your home is a year or a century old, Roofmaster is here to help keep it safe by protecting your roof.

Our Process

Our inspections involve a walk-around of your property to examine the structural integrity of your roof from ground level. If it is deemed safe, we will climb up and take a much closer look. This involves determining the condition of your shingles, flashing, chimney, gutters, and other features. We’ll meet with you afterwards to present our findings and help you determine a solution that works best with your needs and budget. We’ll do what we can to help you save money but also will only recommend the most suitable solutions because we value transparency and accuracy.

We’re Familiar with All Threats to Your Roof’s Health

Our decades of collective experience in the industry has taught our teams to quickly spot and fix common roof problems, as well as the not-so-common. From drainage issues to corrosion, fascia condition, debris, soffit condition, deformations and granular loss, we’ve seen everything. We have extensive experience in repairing roofs in any of these conditions, no matter how severe. We’ll even check for forms of damage to your property such as cracked walls, window leaks, wet insulation and more – important details that no roofer should ignore if they want to perform a lasting fix.

Contact Roofmaster today for roof inspections that are transparent, professional, and reliable. You can count on our results as well as our commitment to your satisfaction.


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