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Roof Gutters or eavestroughs as they’re known in Canada are an integral part of your residential roofing system. They protect your home’s soffit, fascia, siding and foundation from potential water damage every time it rains. However, not all gutter systems are equally effective. For the best possible protection for your home, Roofmaster offers professional installation of the best gutter systems on the market.

We choose to offer the best-in-class gutter system to our customers because of the numerous advantages that it provides over traditional gutter systems. Here in Ottawa, we are no strangers to heavy rainfall and large amounts of melting of snow that accumulates over the winter. A good eavestrough system must be able to move a significant amount of water away from the home in a short amount of time. Our gutter system moves water more effectively than a traditional 5-inch gutter system due to its ability to handle more volume of water with its specially designed wide bottom and extra-large downpipes …all without detracting from the look of your home with a bulky 6-inch gutter.

Every aspect of the system is designed to look like an architectural feature of your home, rather than a functional but unattractive add-on. Just hold a sample piece of the gutter system in your hand and compare it to the older version. The difference is immeasurable. Our system is available in a number of designer colours, which will allow you to choose the perfect system to complement your home. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the paint finish of its gutter systems, which means that your gutters will continue to look fantastic throughout the life of your home. They will never peel, flake or rust – guaranteed!

Our gutter system is built to last and to withstand the often-inclement weather we experience in the Ottawa area. Given the more severe weather everyone is experiencing in recent years, a better stronger gutter system has been well over due. Seams are a weak point in a traditional gutter system. Our system is generated on site to fit your home precisely and is entirely seamless. Our gutters are made of 18.5% thicker aluminum than traditional gutters, making them more resistant to warping, bending and other wear and tear. They are attached to your home with heavy-duty fasteners that are hidden inside the gutters themselves, so they are invisible from the ground.

An important consideration for many homeowners is fitting their gutter system with a leaf protection system, which can help keep the gutters free of leaves and other debris. The leaf protection system is designed to work with any existing traditional gutter / eavestrough system available in the market today.

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