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Snow Removal

It’s no secret that in many regions of Canada, citizens deal with an excessive amount of snowfall. Snow on the road gets cleared by plows, snow on your driveway can be shovelled or snow-blowed, but heavy snow accumulation on your roof can be much harder to deal with. And, just because it’s harder to deal with, doesn’t mean it isn’t equally as important that it be cleared.

Heavy snow accumulation on the roof of your home is bad for obvious reasons, the main reason being that in extreme circumstances, your roof may collapse due to the extreme weight. While this is relatively rare, it does happen to people every year (and we bet that they’d wish they simply had their roof cleared prior to the incident).

It is important that you have your roof regularly cleared to avoid the stress the snow has on your roof, stress which will compound over the years. Having tons of snow on your roof year after year could negatively impact the roof’s structural integrity in the future, and may lead to costly repairs, or a breach. We at Roofmaster can help keep your roof in prime condition for years to come by removing any buildup of snow safely and efficiently. Contact us today!

Ice Removal

Ice is another major culprit for common roof issues during our Canadian winters. The main issue with having ice accumulate on your roof is that it will disrupt the way water drains from your roof. Think there is no water draining from your roof in the winter? Think again.

As we in Ontario know, the weather can go from 20 below to 5 above within a day. When we get a warm day in the winter that brings rain (which turns to ice), all of that rain, instead of draining from your roof, will continue to build up in the drainage system. Think about the way icicles are formed! When the snow on your roof melts during a warmer than average day, the exact same thing will happen.

To avoid this problem occurring, we recommend having a roofing expert analyze the ice buildup on your roof at least a couple times during the season. We at Roofmaster have no issue removing even the toughest ice blockages.

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