Should I Replace My Roof Before the Winter?

So, you’re wondering whether your roof should be replaced so it’s prepared for the winter elements. It’s a wise thing to think about, as a sturdy, well-maintained roof over your head is important for keeping you and your family safe and warm during the chilly winter months. If you’re thinking about getting a new roof but can’t decide if it’s worth it, look for these signs the next time you inspect your roof.

The Age of Your Roof

A simple but important question to ask is, how old is your existing roof? A majority of roofing experts expect your roof to last between 20 to 25 years, which may be affected by local weather conditions and other external factors. If your roof is 20 years old or older, it’s wise to have it inspected regularly for signs of deterioration that would indicate it’s time for a replacement.

Shingles Curling Up

You can get a telltale sign that it’s time to get a new roof just by looking at the condition of your shingles. If you notice that your shingles are curling, buckling, or even missing, it may be time for you to get a roof repair or replacement in advance of winter.

Increased Heating Bills

If you’ve noticed y that your heating bills have been slowly hiking up over the past few winters, this may be a sign that your roof and attic are underperforming and providing poor insulation. Poor insulation can lead to air entering and exiting your home more frequently, which contributes to excessively high energy bills, particularly in the winter. This is why you want to get your insulation under control in advance of the winter months.

Leaky Roof

An urgent sign that you may need a new roof before winter is a leaky roof. Encountering a leaky roof is a clear sign that you may need the services of a professional to repair it or replace your roof entirely. We advise you to regularly check your attic, particularly after a rainstorm or if you notice an ice dam along your eavestrough. Take note of any signs of water penetration, as these issues in your home are most likely to start here.

If your roof has one of the issues listed above, it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. However, in all of these scenarios, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your roof and have these issues addressed immediately. When you need professional assistance with roof repairs or replacing your roof entirely, trust our experts at Roofmaster. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your roofing needs.