What Does a Roof Inspection Indicate?

A certified roof inspector will perform a comprehensive examination of your roof to look for any signs of damage. This includes leaks, improper flashing, structural damage, mold, and more. Once it’s complete, they’ll give you a report that will accurately evaluate the condition of your roof and any areas that need attention. 

If you’ve been wondering “What does a roof inspection indicate?”, here’s the general breakdown:

Assessing the Interior of the Roof

Your roof inspector will take a look at the entire interior section of your roof structure. This means getting up into the attic to evaluate its condition. While they’re up there, they will be looking for any signs of moisture damage, mold, and any problems with the ventilation or insulation. 

Assessing the Exterior

When the inspector climbs up onto the roof to check the exterior, they will be keeping a stern eye out for general wear and tear, along with any signs of serious damage. Specifically, they will look for signs of leaks and the condition of the shingles (if they’re curled, chipped or broken). They’ll also be assessing the flashing, including the dormers, sidewalls, eaves, rakes and valley, as well as the chimney. 

What Can it Indicate?

In general, roof inspectors will be looking for indications of rot, structural issues like a sagging roof deck, deteriorating shingles, signs of persistent water damage and how the gutters are performing. Together, it will indicate the overall state of your roof, if there are any potential problems that are starting to develop and whether repairs or a replacement is needed. They can also give you an estimate of the age of the roof and how long you can expect it to last. 

Why are Annual Roof Inspections Important?

Even new roofs made with durable materials are susceptible to damage. With our unpredictable and often intense weather conditions, any exterior surface is vulnerable. The important point to remember when it comes to the roof is even a minor sign of weakness can quickly escalate into a much bigger problem if it’s not identified and dealt with right away. Constant exposure to the elements can expedite any issues, eventually requiring more costly repairs. 

Why You Should Leave it to the Pros

There are many reasons why it’s best to leave roof inspections to a certified professional, but one of the most important is your safety. Getting up on to the roof can be a very dangerous thing to do when you’re inexperienced. In addition, you could easily miss potential signs of damage that aren’t as obvious to untrained eyes.

Bottom line, when it comes to the most important and expensive feature of your home, always have it inspected annually by a certified roofing expert. At Roofmaster, our team can provide a thorough analysis of your roof so you have a clear understanding of the condition that it’s in. Contact us today!