What is a Cool Roof?

Regular roofs can account for much of our interior heat generation. They directly absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays, which is then transferred inside our property. A cool roof, however, is specifically designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat, behaving the same way as when we wear lighter coloured clothing in the summer to stay cooler.


How it Works

Cool roofs are constructed in various ways. They can either comprise of an existing roof coated with a layer of reflective paint, a sheet covering, or a complete application of highly reflective shingles or tiles. This means that a structure of any shape can be fitted with a cool roof to reduce indoor temperatures and maximize energy efficiency through less of a need for expensive cooling system usage. In addition, cool roofs also protect against sun and heat damage, extending the lifespan of your roof and minimizing repairs.


Costs and Benefits

The pricing of a cool roof is comparable to that of a standard one when installing a new one outright, and transforming your current roof into a cool one is highly affordable as well. This is great news for those seeking to live eco-friendly lives in homes that don’t consume as much energy, and any difference in price will pay for itself over time thanks to continued energy savings. In addition to lowering bills, cool roof owners will benefit from financial incentives come tax time by effectively renovating their property to make it greener. You’ll also feel more comfortable and sleep more soundly inside a property with a cool roof, as temperatures won’t fluctuate as they did when your roof absorbed the full brunt of the sun’s heat and light like a sponge. This makes bearing the heat waves of summer a veritable breeze.


Installing a Cool Roof

Depending on the shape and slope of your property’s roof, it may be more suitable to opt for alternative methods of cool roofing. For example, low and steep sloped roofs are more suited to a metal sheeting installation, available in various finishes of different levels of reflectivity. Regardless, always take the time to consider your property’s climate and environment, how well insulated your roof is, and the efficiency of your interior temperature control systems.

Cool roofs are great for the environment, your wallet, your comfort, and the overall well being of your property. At Roofmaster, we can provide exceptional service quality and the assistance of our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. If you’re interested in switching over to a cool roof, contact us for a free estimate and to book our services.