Solving 5 of the Most Common Roof Problems

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to perform some of those maintenance tasks on your home. And let’s face it – most homeowners would love to simply ignore those “to do” tasks, especially when it comes to your roof. But the fact of the matter is that it has to be done. If you’ve got some lingering issues with your roof, you can take comfort in knowing that at least you’re not alone.

Here are five of the most common problems homeowners face with their roof and how you can solve them.

Broken Eavestroughs

If you’ve ignored those gutters for longer than a year or two, that accumulated debris can start to weigh heavily on the structure of your gutters. Water, snow, and ice can easily get lodged in and around your eavestroughs, causing them to loosen or even break as that moisture expands and contracts. Clogged gutters lead to other consequences, like roof leaks and foundation leaks, so it’s doubly important to address them right away.


The best course of action to fix damaged gutters is either re-attach any loose areas with pre-existing hangers, or replace them altogether if they are broken or cracked. If you’re in the market for eavestroughs, consider upgrading to a RainPro gutter system by Englert. These gutters are thicker, wider, more durable, and they will never peel, flake or rust. Roofmaster is the exclusive dealer of RainPro eavestroughs in Ottawa.

Nesting Animals

Many roofs often become the perfect nesting areas for animals and pests to call home. Any dormant chimneys, loose siding, or easy access areas are prime targets for raccoons, squirrels, and even bats to become uninvited guests in your attic or home.


If you think this may be the case for your roof, don’t try and handle this on your own – especially if you’re unsure of just what kind of animal it may be. Call your local wildlife removal company and explain the situation so they can assess and remove any problems you may have.

It’s also imperative to seal up any loose areas, holes or target areas that you think could attract animals to your roof. If your roof has missing shingles, roof repair is needed.

Wet Basement

Believe it or not, the cause of many wet basements often stems from problems with your roof. When winter or that rainy season strike, any drain pipes that aren’t working properly and directing that excess water away from your home, could end up directing rainwater and melted snow toward your foundation where it will find its way into your basement through small cracks.


It is crucial to inspect your gutters and drainpipes each year to ensure they aren’t dislodged and directing water towards your home. You may need to invest in downspout extenders to safely direct water away from your property.

Mold Growth

When it comes to mold, if you begin to notice a musty smell or dark spots emerging along your ceiling or walls, this could also be an indicator that there’s a potentially weakened area on your roof that’s allowing moisture to seep in.


Have your roof thoroughly inspected by an expert so they can repair any damage and remove any mold.

Don’t avoid the maintenance that your roof requires! Just follow this list to solve and avoid any roofing problem you may have. When you need a little help from the experts, Roofmaster is just a call away.