Can You Tile a Flat Roof?

If you’re wondering if you can tile a flat roof, the short answer is yes. But it’s a time-consuming process that should be done by a professional, licensed roofing contractor. To learn more about the process of tiling a flat roof and what’s involved, read on.

Select the Right Tiles

The first step is choosing the right type of tiles for your roof. There are numerous materials available including stone, slate and even wood. Before deciding, consider other important factors like your budget, which tiles will look best with your home and architectural style, and how much weight is appropriate for your roof. 

Determine How Many Tiles Your Roof Needs

The second step is determining the number of tiles you’ll need for the roof. Start by measuring the tiles, going over the width and length. Once you have that measurement, measure the roof, focusing on one area at a time. Keep in mind that it’s always better to overshoot than undershoot, so buying some extra tiles is better than falling short, especially if you need any repairs down the road.


Once the measurements are done, it’s time to think about weatherproofing. Roofing felt is what gets laid down prior to the tiles to protect the roof from moisture damage and general weathering. You’ll need to have enough to cover the entire surface and overhang of about 1 inch. When installing the felt, use chalk to mark your lines or your measuring tape and then use roofing nails to secure the felt in place, making sure each piece has a 4-inch overlap. If you want to double up on the protection, you can add a second layer.

Lay the Battens

The roofing tiles get secured and attached to wooden battens or planks. These get laid vertically and horizontally. When laying these, use string to outline where you need to place them in order to keep them straight. To determine the correct size and spacing, consult with your tile supplier or manufacturer. They will usually tell you all of the details you need about this step.

Installing the Roof Tiles

When you’re ready to install the roof tiles, it’s usually best to begin at the bottom end of the roof and then move left to right for each row. The tiles will come with holes already punctured in them, so just place the nail in the hole and fasten it to the batten. 

A roof is an expensive investment, so it’s important that it’s done right. If you have a roof that needs to be repaired or tiled, give our team a call at Roofmaster.