Can You Change the Pitch of a Roof?

If you’re wondering if you can change the pitch of a roof, the short answer is yes. Whether you’re concerned about your low-sloped or flat roof being vulnerable to leaks or heavy snow, you’ll be happy to hear that it is possible to alter its pitch. This can also be done to expand the size of the attic and improve the curb appeal of your home. No matter the reason, you’ll need an experienced and dedicated roofing team to handle this type of serious modification to ensure it’s done safely and properly. To learn more about this process and what’s generally involved, read on.

Changing the Pitch of Flat or Low Sloped Roofs

Remove Existing Roof Covering

When dealing with flat or low-sloped roof structures, the existing roof covering is first removed. This is stripped down to reveal the underlying wood sheathing. During this process, the sheathing is inspected to make sure it’s in good condition and doesn’t have any areas that have weakened due to water damage. If there is noticeable damage, it will need to be repaired. 

Install Foam Panels

Once the sheathing is repaired and ready, insulating foal panels are then used to alter the pitch of the roof. These come in a variety of sloped sizes and thickness levels. The panels are used to cover the roof from end to end to elevate the slope and provide better drainage. A strong adhesive is typically used to secure the panels in place, or mechanical fasteners might be used instead.

Cover with a Membrane

Next up is adding thermal barriers or a membrane that will cover the roof and keep it up to code. Your roofer will install any additional flashing to seal and protect the chimney, vents and edges of the roof.

Can You Change the Pitch of a Sloped Roof?

If you already have a sloped roof but want to increase the pitch even more, this is also possible! Here is a brief rundown of what’s involved:

Remove Old Roof

Just like above, the covering or shingles will need to be removed and stripped down to the sheathing.

Carefully Remove Rafters

The rafters are then pulled up individually. Once removed, the caps are inspected and replaced if damaged.

New Pitch is Installed

Finally, the new pitch is installed using new trusses which get fastened to the wall caps. Flashing is also added to the vents and edging.

Are you considering changing the pitch of your roof? Give us a call at Roofmaster in Ottawa. Our licensed team is experienced, equipped and ready to assist you with any of your roof-related needs.