7 Holiday Outdoor Light-Hanging Tips

There will always be a place in our hearts for the classic Griswald Christmas light display. But if you want to have a much safer and less flashy exterior, we can help. This guide will walk you through buying and setting up your outdoor lights in order to create a beautiful display safely and without damaging your roof. 


Before you purchase lights, it’s important that you measure the areas in which you plan to hang the lights first. That way you know exactly how many strands you will need to buy. 

Look for the Right Type of Light

Indoor lights might not be properly equipped to place outdoors. Check the package to ensure that the lights are rated for outdoor use. If you want to save a little energy while you’re at it, opt for LED lights instead of incandescent ones. And don’t forget to read the package to see if it contains enough strands to fit across the entire length of the area you plan to light up.

Use a Grounded Extension Cord

The last thing you want is for your lights to catch on fire. That’s why it’s important that you only use a UL approved extension cord that is made for outdoor use. These are grounded to ensure safety and should be made of water-resistant and flame-resistant material.

Test Them First

There’s nothing worse than finding out your lights don’t work after you’ve spent hours putting them up in the cold. That’s why the first thing you always do after you pull them out of the box is to test them – even if they’re brand new. Start by looking over the chord for any frayed or damaged areas, this will indicate a faulty strand. Then plug them in to see if any sections are not working. Try twisting the lights that are off to see if this turns on the strand. Any sections that refuse to work should be replaced.

Use Light Clips

Avoid using staples or nails to fasten the lights as any small holes in your roofing materials can create leaks. Light clips are the best and make the process much easier. These can be used for your roof, on your deck, and even a railing. 

Keep It Tight but Not Too Long

If you stretch the lights out too far apart, your lighting display won’t have much pizzazz, so it’s best to keep them closer together. You should also be cautious of how many strings of lights that you connect together. Too much weight could damage your roofing materials and too many lights could cause a short circuit. As a rule of thumb, avoid connecting more than three strands together to avoid overloading one of the strings and causing a fire. 

If you accidentally damage your roof while hanging Christmas lights, call us! At Roofmaster, we’re the roofing experts. We’ll come to fix any holes, broken gutters, or damaged shingles that might have occurred. We’ll also show you some safe hanging tips to ensure it never happens again.