Five Best Ways to Protect Your Roof for All Seasons

The roof offers your home the ultimate level of protection. It goes through a lot in a year, from snow to rain, to immense heat from the sun. Even so, you might not think much about it until it’s time to have it replaced. While it is largely self-sustaining, you can take steps to safeguard your roof and extend its longevity. Here are five ways to help shield it from the already harsh environment it has to contend with. 

Check the Attic

It’s probably an area in your home you don’t pay much attention to, but your attic has telltale signs that will inform you that your roof is in good working order. Ensure optimal airflow throughout the space by keeping vents free from obstructions. Check your insulation for damage, as it is an important line of defence when working to protect your roof from sun heat. Examine the plywood for leaks and repair them if need be. Additionally, inspect beams and framing for warping or splintering.

Clean Your Gutters

It seems obvious, but climbing the latter to clean your gutters is one of the best things you can do for the outside of your home. The eavestrough collects any water running down your roof and diverts it away from your foundation, but if it is clogged with debris, the water will have to find somewhere else to go, likely pooling on your roof. Melting snow in winter can also be a problem, creating a constant ice shelf that impacts the shingles, causing mould or decay. 

Trim the Trees

A fully grown tree that shades your home from the sun might seem like a great asset, but it can also be a liability. Perform a yearly trim of any oblong limbs before they can wreak havoc. This will ensure wind storms or lighting strikes won’t cause falling branches, and you won’t have falling leaves that can easily fill up your gutters. Sap and seeds can also be an issue for your roof, so no matter what kind of trees you have around your home, solve the problem before it happens with proper pruning.

Buy A Roof Rake 

How to protect your roof from snow is an easily answered question with the help of a roof rake. These specially designed tools take the excess snow off the top of your house without using a ladder. Although most roofs can hold a considerable amount of the white stuff, unpredictable winters have shown a simple storm can turn into a record snowfall in a matter of hours. This tool helps to ease the pressure your roof is under, and when it comes time for it to melt away, it reduces the risk of ice forming.

Perform A Visual Inspection

In addition to preventative measures, the easiest way to protect your roof is to be observant. Keep an eye out for chipped or damaged shingles which might need to be replaced. Check the fascia and soffit for any warping or misalignment. If you are looking to have a full inspection done, you can call your local roofing company. 

Just like any protective element, being proactive with roof care is key so minor problems don’t become larger ones. However, even the most attended-to shingles need replacements after 15–20 years. Whether you want an inspection or need a whole new roof, our experts at Roofmaster are here to help with any and all of your roofing needs. To learn more about our services, please contact us!