Reasons to choose flat roofing for your commercial building.

A lot goes into choosing the right roof for your commercial building. Flat roofing is a popular option for retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, strip malls, and other types of commercial facilities. Why is flat roofing so popular? Let’s take a moment to review five reasons to choose flat roofing for your commercial building. You may be surprised to learn just how good of an idea it is to use a flat roof instead of a sloped roof.

Flat Roofing is Clean

Flat roofs do not have to be decorative as no one will see them, outside of Google aerial views. They can serve a practical purpose and be strictly utilitarian in design. Flat roofs include a clean design that is easy to handle and simplistic. Whether you opt for a modified bitumen roof, PVC/EDM roof, or tar/gravel roof, the look will be simple and practical.

Flat Roofing is Affordable

Flat roofs are more affordable than sloped roofs. The decreased cost comes from the materials and time that is required to create a sloped roof. With more affordable materials and less labour required overall, you will shave off hundreds of dollars that can either go towards other repairs or your business.

Flat Roofing Low Maintenance

Sloped roofs have a lot of problems that require maintenance. Flat roofs have far fewer maintenance requirements. Simply occasionally sweep away debris from the top and rely on the superior materials used for flat roofs to decrease the likelihood of things like water damage. Understand that any intelligently designed flat roof will offer plenty of options for moisture to escape instead of collecting.

Flat Roofing Provides Easy Access

A flat roof allows for easy access. While a tilted roof increases the chance of slipping and falling over, a flat roof is easy to walk on and have a stable footing on when doing things like maintenance. As a result, it is a popular choice among those who would rather not risk harm every time they have to work around the exterior of the roof and siding around the perimeter of the building.

Flat Roofing is Wind Resistant

You should also choose flat roofing for your commercial building because it is more wind resistant than tilted roofs. There is less damage that will occur thanks to wind and particulates blown at angles. You will also have less issue of cracks and breaks forming between individual tiles (flat roofs typically to do not have tiles).

At Roofmaster, we specialize in modified bitumen flat roofs, PVC/EDM roofs, and tar and gravel roofs. We can also re-slope older flat roof structures to get them looking their best and reduce water retention. Please contact Roofmaster for a free estimate and other options for roofing in Ottawa.