why have your flat roof resloped?

A well-designed flat roof can be a great addition to a home, as long as it maintains its slope.  Unfortunately, being subjected to harsh weather conditions can force it to undergo some structural deterioration over time, which can cause weakened joists and other problems with the layers beneath the roof.

These structural issues can eventually lead to low spots that can produce some aggravating results for your roof, home, and budget. Fortunately, there is a solution – having your flat roof re-sloped. Learn more about why it’s important to have your roof re-sloped as it begins to age.

To Achieve Proper Drainage

Due to wear and tear, it’s likely that your wood frame will develop dips and sags in the structure. While not harmful in itself, it can lead to ponding when it rains or when the snow melts on your roof. This isn’t always a problem in the summertime as the water has time to evaporate off, but during the other three seasons, your roof can stay wet for hours, if not days. And this extra weight and extensive water retention can lead to major issues like de-granulation of the materials, extensive leaking, and even total roof failure. To avoid any damage to your roof, it’s best to have your flat roof re-sloped to allow for proper drainage.

Membranes Don’t Last

The waterproofing membrane that is applied to your flat roof only lasts about 20 years, and that’s if it was used correctly. If your membrane starts to fail and there’s no place for the water to go because your flat roof is ponding, you’ll experience ceiling leaks and water droplets throughout the inside of your home.

To Avoid Insurance Risk

Your roof is a risk factor when it’s continuously ponding and leaking, which is a risk that your insurance company doesn’t take lightly. If you don’t come up with a solution fast, they may consider cancelling your policy. Luckily, you can avoid being cut off by contacting our roofing specialists to re-slope your roof as quickly as possible.

At Roofmaster, our team can help you get the proper drainage you need for your flat roof. We also offer a number of solutions to re-slope your roof, such as applying tapered insulation or wood purlins to achieve specific slopes and to eliminate any low points. Contact us today for an inspection and a free estimate.