standing seam metal roof with skylights


 If you are replacing the roof on your home, or installing a roof on a new home, consider the many metal roofing options that are available today. Metal roofing has many advantages that can add value to your home in addition to protecting it from the elements.

The Ottawa area is no stranger to extreme weather.  From hail and ice storms to extreme heat, your home is likely to see it all.  A metal roof does a much better job than traditional asphalt shingles at resisting extreme weather including high winds, hail, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Metal roofing is also a great reflector of heat, which helps to keep your house cool in the summer. In Ottawa, a metal roof might significantly decrease your energy bills in the summer or even negate your need for air-conditioning altogether.  Metal roofs are also highly resistant to fire.

While the initial cost of metal roofing is typically more than that of an asphalt roof, its longer life and fewer maintenance requirements will make the metal roof the more cost-effective option over the lifetime of your home.  Many metal roofing options available today come with 50-year guarantees.

If you have environmental concerns, metal roofing is the ideal roofing option for your home. Metal roofing products are generally made with some recycled materials. The amount of recycled material can vary depending on the product. At the end of your metal roof’s long life, it can be completely recycled.

Many metal roofing options are quick and easy to install and can be installed over an existing shingle roof, which may save you time and money on installation costs and further reduce the amount of building materials that you are adding to your local landfill. Metal roofing materials are much more lightweight than other roofing materials, making this an option on some homes.

Metal roofing is now available in many styles and colours. Metal roofing products are available that look like tile, slate or shingles, so anyone can find a metal roof that complements the style of their home. You can now enjoy all the advantages of a metal roof, without compromising on your home’s curb-appeal.

In general, the durability, low-maintenance and energy-efficiency of a metal roof make it appealing to prospective buyers, adding value to your home.  As long as you remain in your home, you get to enjoy these money-saving features yourself.