Roofmaster: The benefit of a Certified “ShingleMaster” Contractor

When it comes to understanding and choosing the best shingle manufacturer warranties, Roofmaster Ottawa makes the choice easy. Most of the jobs installed by Roofmaster use CertainTeed brand shingles. These are among the highest rated shingles in the industry. CertainTeed shingles go through vigorous testing to meet the company’s stringent standards and requirements which in many cases surpass all other shingle brands in Canada.

Roofmaster has offered the high-quality “Integrity Roof System” by CertainTeed with its 10 year non pro-rated warranty to customers for many years. The Integrity Roof System means that all major components of the roof such as shingles, starter, capping, underlayment, ice shield and vents all use CertainTeed products which are designed to work as one complete system, The Integrity Roof System.

The non-prorated portion of a Lifetime Shingle warranty is called the “SureStart” Period. As a certified “ShingleMaster,” Roofmaster can offer its clients the extended “SureStartPlus” three-star or four-star warranty on any Integrity Roof System that it installs. These two options increase the non-prorated SureStart period of a lifetime warranty from 10 years to 20 or 50 years.

In order to obtain the ShingleMaster credentials, Roofmaster has proven to CertainTeed that the workers installing their roofing products as well as upper level management and supervisors have the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the lifespan of each roof. Several Roofmaster staff members have taken courses and tests to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of roofing in general as well as the special unique guidelines for installing specific CertainTeed roofing products.

With the SureStartPlus three-star warranty, your Integrity Roof System with lifetime shingles is covered on a non-prorated basis for the first 20 years, then prorated after that for the next 30 years. This means that if your Integrity Roof System is found to be defective any time during the first 20 years after installation, CertainTeed will pay for the entire cost of materials and labour to repair or replace the defective shingles. The amount paid by CertainTeed will not decrease at all for the first 20 years. After the 20 years, paid out amount reduces at a rate of 1/600th per month for the next 30 years. The three-star warranty also covers the cost of tearing off the old shingles.

The SureStart Plus four-star warranty extends the SureStart non-prorated warranty coverage to 50 years. If you find a problem with your Integrity Roof System any time during the first 50 years after installation, CertainTeed will pay for the entire cost of materials, labour and tearing off the defective shingles. With the four-star warranty, CertainTeed will also cover the cost of disposal of the defective products.

The SureStart Plus extended warranty protection can be transferred if you sell your home. The three-star protection is transferrable for 10 years and the four-star protection can be transferred for the first 12 years.

CertainTeed believes in its roofing systems, which is why they offer the SureStart warranty on all their Integrity Roof Systems. The SureStartPlus warranty demonstrates the absolute confidence that CertainTeed has in its products.

Roofmaster is committed to providing its customers with roof systems that won’t let them down. A SureStartPlus warranty will provide you with the sure knowledge that your roof is made with superior materials and workmanship and Roofmaster’s skilled installation of these high-quality roof systems will allow you to get the most out of your CertainTeed roof system.