Roof replacement versus roof repair.

Every homeowner in Ottawa knows that in order to keep a roof over their head, maintenance is key. All parts of the house need equal attention, be it the foundation, plumbing, wiring or roof. Most of us cannot make the time to tend to these things ourselves, but fortunately you can turn to experienced and qualified professionals to get the job done. But calling for help and making decisions is still up to you as the homeowner. The biggest decision to make is usually whether a certain item needs repair or replacement.

The roof is no different. Sometimes all it needs is a quick repair to be as good as new. In more serious cases, a total roof replacement is the only viable option. How can you tell which solution is right for your roof?

Roof Repair is the Right Choice If…

  • Only one small section is problematic.
  • You are experience your first roof leak.
  • The leak is contained to one area of the roof.
  • You find water spots on the ceiling, but they are contained to a small area.
  • You can see that there are minor issues with your roof (a couple shingles missing etc.) but overall the roof is in good shape.
  • Any damage to the roof is linked to a clear source, like a recent windstorm or a branch falling on that section of the roof.
  • If you cannot afford a full replacement at this time, roof repair can be an effective temporary solution.

Roof Replacement Might Be Needed If…

  • You are experiencing frequent leaks with no end in sight.
  • You notice water spots on the ceiling, but the damage is extensive and in multiple areas/rooms.
  • Following a rainstorm, you experience leaks in multiple areas.
  • Upon inspection you notice many problems with the roof, including many missing, curling, or bubbling shingles.
  • Other roofing materials like the underlayment or flashings are broken, cracked, or chipped on a large scale.
  • Your insurance policy covers replacement costs following storm or wind damage.
  • You are looking for a way to increase the resale value of your property. Typically roof replacements return 75%-100% on investment, not to mention the incalculable boost to your home’s curb appeal.

You do not have to make the decision yourself. Call Roofmaster to perform an inspection and evaluate your situation. We will recommend the option that makes the most sense for you and protect your investment. Regardless of whether you choose roof repair or roof replacement, Roofmaster’s experienced and qualified team will fix your roof and return it to good repair.