Can a Metal Roof Be Installed Over Shingles?

Years ago, metal roofs used to be something you primarily saw on flat, commercial properties. But today, it’s been modernized and transformed into a beautiful roofing material, even for residential properties. Aside from its ability to mimic other roof materials, metal is also exceptionally durable and long-lasting. But it can be a more costly option too. However, as more homeowners look at metal as a potential option, there’s been a common question asked: “can a metal roof be installed over shingles?” The simple answer is yes. Here’s why and how it’s generally done.

Metal Roofing is Lightweight

There are many benefits of having a metal roof, but one that’s particularly handy for this purpose is that it’s very lightweight. So placing them on top of shingles is completely possible since they won’t create an overbearing amount of weight for the roof. As long as everything is up to code, you should be good to go.

The Existing Plywood Has to Be In Good Condition

Metal roofing needs strong, sturdy plywood underneath it so that it can be securely screwed down. That’s why it’s important to have the existing plywood checked to ensure that there aren’t any soft spots that could make the roofing vulnerable to high winds. 

Always Check Local Building Codes

Every region can differ in regard to specific requirements and building codes. Some areas might have certain stipulations on weight and how many layers can be applied. Some might require homeowners to completely remove the old roofing materials before installing new ones. So it’s a good idea to always check and be aware of local building codes.

Covering the Old Roof

When it comes to installing a metal roof over shingles, there are two main ways to do it – covering the existing roof with new underlayment or using purlins. The first method which covers the existing roof, can provide additional protection against moisture and create more of a buffer between the old shingles. The second option is to install purlins to the roof deck and then secure the metal to the purlins. Both methods can be possible options to consider. Homeowners will need to talk with the roofing contractor and make the best decision.

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