6 Tips for Cleaning Your Eavestrough

Believe it or not, there’s a right and a safe way to clean out your eavestrough. Doing it the wrong way could leave behind grime and blockages while putting yourself at risk. Follow these tips for cleaning your eavestrough properly.

Place a Tarp Under Your Work Spot

The gutters can collect a lot of debris, even over the course of a season. To make the job easier, place a tarp down on the ground under the areas where you’ll be cleaning. This will make the clean-up much faster since you can just toss the debris directly in the compost.

Use a Ladder Stabilizer and a Helper

Getting up near the eavestrough can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper stability to climb safely. That’s why we always recommend leaving it to the professionals. But if you prefer to make it a DIY project, make sure that you use a ladder stabilizer. This will make it safer for you and help to protect the eavestrough from sustaining any damage during the cleaning process. Also, have a helper to hold the ladder for you to keep it steady.

Wear the Right Clothing

Cleaning your eavestrough can be a messy job. There will be lots of mushed up leaves, twigs, mud and other gutter gunk to scoop out. So be prepared by wearing the right gear. Make sure to have an old long sleeve shirt on and thick gloves to protect your hands.

Use the Right Scooping Tool

Once you’re up there, you’ll need to manually scoop out the loose, built-up debris. You can find gutter scoops at your local hardware store. Alternatively, a plastic spatula or even your child’s hand-held plastic shovel could work well at removing the gunk without causing damage.

Flush Out with the Hose

After all of the loose gunk and leaves are cleared out, use the hose to rinse and flush out the eavestrough and downspouts. This will remove any stuck-on grime and also pinpoint any potential leaks. 

Perform Repairs

If there are multiple leaks throughout the system or if any sections are sagging and pulling away from the roof, they should be repaired, especially before the winter season rolls around. If the damage is extensive, consider having them repaired or replaced by a professional.

If you’d rather leave your messy gutters to the experts, give us a call at Roofmaster. Our team will come to your home in Ottawa and take care of it all for you, efficiently and safely. Contact us today!