3 Things New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

Buying your first home is a big step and can involve some significant changes from your previous lifestyle as a renter.  When you rented a home, your landlord or a property manager would take care of every concern or problem that arose with your home.  You may not even have been aware of all the general maintenance that was performed to prevent problems from arising.

Now that you own your own home, you are completely responsible for maintenance and upkeep.  There are a few things you should know about your roof to ensure that your home stays in the best possible condition.

  1. Damage to the roof can cause damage to the interior of the house. -The roof is a vital part of the envelope of your home.  There is a reason we refer to having a home as “having a roof over your head.”  Without a roof, a house doesn’t offer much shelter.  Treat your roof with the respect it deserves as one of the most important components of your home.
  2. A roof with even a small leak can wreak havoc on the rest of your home, destroying structural elements, interiors and furnishings.  While it may seem expensive to pay for roof maintenance, it is much less expensive than dealing with the results of a roof leak. Your roof needs regular inspections to ensure that leaks don’t develop. If your roof develops a leak, the water can do a lot of structural damage to your home before you notice water dripping through your kitchen ceiling.  Don’t count on the fact that you will notice a problem with your roof right away.  We recommend that you have your roof inspected by a professional in the fall and again in the spring.  This will allow you to maintain your roof in working condition and prevent any problems from developing.
  3. Your roof will likely eventually need to be replaced. – Depending on the age of the roof when you purchased your home and the length of time you live in the home, you will likely need to replace the roof eventually.  Plan for this eventuality so that when the time comes to replace your roof, you can afford to have it done properly.  This means hiring professionals and using the best materials that you can afford.  You get what you pay for with roofing materials.  If you can afford a higher quality shingle when you replace your roof, that new roof will last longer and do a better job protecting your home and your family.