Solar panels on the roof

The popularity of solar panels is on the rise. With incentive programs, tax breaks, and the ability to reduce your electricity bill, all while helping the environment, it’s no wonder people are switching to solar. To make sure solar is the right choice for your home, we’ve compiled this list of the top FAQs about rooftop solar panels to answer some of those common questions.


Is solar expensive?

Solar can often seem like a large upfront investment. You can expect to pay between $15,000 and $40,000 to have solar panels installed. However, there are government programs and incentives that can help cut that cost down. And the benefits you receive over time in electricity savings will far surpass the cost of the initial investment.


How much power does solar generate?

The more sun exposure, the more power that will be generated. It also depends on the overall size of the panels, total solar energy efficiency, and the amount of direct sunlight hitting the panels. Each panel should come with the max power rating listed on the back to provide you with an idea of how much power will be generated during prime conditions. To further help you understand your usage and what you can expect, solar consultants and installers can come to your home to evaluate your current energy use and map out the installation that will meet those needs.


Will blockage affect my panels power production?

Yes, if shade is being produced by your chimney, surrounding trees or other homes you will not be getting the most optimal benefits possible. But solar installers will evaluate the areas of your home that receive the best exposure and determine what type of solar can be installed there.


Can you reserve power to be used on overcast days or at night?

You can purchase batteries that will allow you to store power generated during the day to be used at other times. It’s not necessarily cost-effective to go off-grid in this way, but it’s possible.


Are solar panels easy to break?

Many panels are designed to be impact resistant and are made of tempered glass that can hold up against normal weather conditions. However, you should always check what the warranty covers and talk to your insurance provider about how you can have coverage added to address potential panel damage or fire.


Will panels damage my roof?

As long as the panels are properly installed there is little risk to your roof. In most cases the panels will work as a protective shield, prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Just don’t forget to consider the age of your roof and remaining lifespan before installing. If solar panels outlast your roof, you will need to take the panels down to replace your roof, costing more in the long run. A professional roofer can help you access your the condition of the roof and the ability to handle solar panels.

Solar panels are an excellent way to save energy costs, help the environment and extend the lifespan of your roof. But before you sign the contract make sure to talk to an experienced roofing company who can assess the condition of your roof and help you plan for your installation. For all your roofing inquiries and needs, contact us today at Roofmaster.