Pros and Cons of Different Types of Roof Vents

Roof ventilation is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy and functional home environment. Ensuring efficient airflow in your attic is essential to prevent issues like mould growth and ice dams. With different roof vent options available and each boasting unique advantages and drawbacks, it can be challenging to know which one is right for […]

Four Metal Roof Ventilation Options

Metal roofs have risen in popularity over the years, both for their durability and their modern aesthetic appeal. While this material can be a stunning addition to the exterior of your home, there are also some aspects to consider beyond visual allure. One of those aspects is ventilation, which is crucial for proper airflow functionality. […]

8 Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Roofs do more than protect from harsh weather. They also defend the structural integrity of a property, ensuring that moisture drains away to avoid costly repairs. A commercial roof is unique because, typically, they are flat and require different materials and replacement processes compared to residential angular shapes. If you notice a leak in your […]

Should You Install Solar Panels on Your Roof?

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular with homeowners for several reasons.  As concerns about climate change continue to grow, many people in Ontario are considering installing solar panels on their roofs as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity bills. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, providing an alternative […]

How to Decode Your Roof Leak

How to Decode Your Roof Leak

If you’ve been plagued with a recent leak in your home and are having difficulty identifying its source, it can be both frustrating and problematic. The issue may be hard to pin down because the area where the water is pooling may not be located directly under the source of the leak. It can often […]