5 Reasons to Perform Roof Maintenance During Fall

When it comes to any roof-related work, you know that it’s not a simple task. Just the hassle of getting up there can be enough to deter you from ever glancing at it. But keeping on top of annual maintenance and repairs is essential in order to avoid having any potentially serious issues emerge down the road. And between the snow, ice, and high winds, wintertime can make it even more susceptible to damage. That’s why now is the best time to have it seen to. Here are five reasons to perform roof maintenance during the fall.

It Needs Inspection After the Summer Storms

Even though the spring and summer seasons usually bring along plenty of sunshine, they also tend to carry plenty of storms with them as well, including high winds and rain. This, combined with the intense heat, can leave behind damage. That’s why it’s ideal to perform roof maintenance during the fall after those tumultuous seasons have passed.

The Weather Conditions are Favourable

Getting up on the roof can be dangerous at any time of the year. But attempting to get up there during unfavourable or unpredictable weather conditions can make it treacherous. During the fall, you’re far less likely to have to deal with intense heat, or freezing temperatures, in addition to snow and ice.

The Shingles are Easier to Work With

When the temperatures take a serious dip, it makes the shingles on your roof more rigid and difficult to work with. During cold temperatures, they can break more easily when installing and repairing. And, once they become so brittle, it often means that they have to be nailed by hand instead of using a nail gun, which costs more time and money for you.

Time to Form a Tight Seal

When new shingles are installed, they need time to set and form a tight seal against the roof structure. But if there’s weather on the way, this can impact how well they bond to the roof. Without an adequate seal, your home can become susceptible to drafts and water damage inside your home. To ensure your roof has a proper sealing, stick to repairs and maintenance during the fall.

Get it Done While You Can

Of course, once the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures arrive, there’s little you or a professional contractor can really do until the weather clears up. So if your roof experiences any problems during the winter that catch you off guard, you could be forced to wait it out until the spring arrives.

Don’t get caught off guard by that first surprise bout of winter weather. Our reasons to perform roof maintenance during the fall should be enough to convince you that now is the ideal time to hire a contractor to perform any necessary repairs. At Roofmaster, we can take care of all your roof-related needs. Contact us to learn more about our services or to get a quote!